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solution-dyed polyester fiber
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Color-Fi is an ISO 9001:2008 certified producer of quality, cost-effective polyester staple and tow fibers.
We specialize in custom color-matched and specialty fibers that meet or exceed demanding requirements of the automotive and other industries.
What Are Your Fiber Requirements?
Color-Fi's Technical Department will develop and produce fiber samples to ensure you get exactly the right fiber for your specific application. We will work closely with you to understand your product requirements and deliver an excellent product value.
Custom Fiber Development Capabilities
  • Precise color matching
  • Deniers ranging from 3 to 1,000 dpf
  • Custom length, crimp, finish, and shape
  • Flame retardant, UV resistant treatments
  • Small minimum lot size
  • Product sample development line;
  • fastest development turnaround in the industry
  • Wide-spec recycled resin content
  • Consistent, reliable quality
  • Responsive customer service
Color Matching and Sample Development
If we don't already have the color you need in our library of over 10,000 colors, we offer the fastest color development turnaround time in the industry. We can produce sample lot sizes of as little as one bale and can support small service orders.
Raw Material
Color-Fi can save you money. Our technology uses wide-spec recycled raw materials, allowing us to take advantage of the most favorably priced resin available.
The polyester (PET) resin Color-Fi uses is almost entirely sourced from post-industrial and post-consumer recycled materials. This represents a cost savings for our customers and an environmental benefit for everyone.
Nobody produces better fibers for automotive interior fabrics than Color-Fi. Engineered nonwoven fabrics have become increasingly popular in automotive applications because of their cost-effectiveness, moldability, improved acoustics, and performance. Our Colorguard® fibers offer the extra UV and thermal resistance essential in automotive applications.
Color-Fi fibers are used in a wide range of industrial aplications, such as filtration, geotextiles, abrasive pads, paint rollers, and paperboard reinforcement, just to name a few. Our coarse denier products are ideally suited for scrubbing and polishing pads.
Consumer Goods
From luxurious berber fleece apparel to fiber fit for a baby's delicate skin, we have a product for your specific needs. Various end uses include outerwear, footwear, sportswear, and other products.
Our Colorguard® fiber is the perfect beginning for a quality floor covering. These fibers offer the extra UV and thermal resistance that is so important in marine and other outdoor applications. ColorGuard® fibers can also be used in throw rugs, carpet backing and rug fringes.
Customer Service
At Color-Fi you'll receive a prompt response and attentive customer support.
Our sales associates follow each fiber product every step of the way, from initial development through final customer acceptance. Color-Fi can handle short lead times and varied lot sizes.
Our technical manufacturing and technical teams will work hard to ensure your complete satisfaction with every aspect of doing business with Color-Fi.
How can Color-Fi help you?
"Solution-Dyed" versus "Stock-Dyed"
You have to be careful about the fiber you buy. Most fiber on the market is stock-dyed, meaning its pigment is only on the surface (like a radish). Over time, this can result in the color changing, fading and crocking (rubbing off).
Color-Fi uses a solution-dyeing process in which the color is manufactured into and throughout the fiber (like a carrot). This gives the fiber consistent and durable color that stands up in tough environments, such as sustained direct sunlight, abrasion, or chemical exposure.
Color-Fi's custom and specialty polyester fibers meet even the most demanding requirements in automotive, industrial, home furnishings, and other applications.
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